Tailored Interview Coaching For Lawyers

Learn & practice how to give a winning performance at law interviews

Get Some Practice

You can prep & plan answers as long as you like, but nothing beats practice. Undergo a mock law interview, tailored to your job search goals.

Learn Better Technique

Understand how to prepare most effectively & how to approach common questions & scenarios. Learn the techniques other candidates might be using.

Increase Your Confidence

Quiet confidence is the name of the game with law interviews.
The better prepared you are, the more confident you will appear.

Specialist Lawyer Interview Coaching Programmes


- Matt Oliver. Founder & Senior Coach, The Legal Careers Group.

My Lawyer Interview Coaching Programme is specifically tailored for lawyers & built on 20+ years experience in the legal profession.

I coach lawyers all around the world on interview technique. They regularly say they love that I understand their world & talk the same language.

Like any form of coaching, your performance will improve because of it.


Need interview practice?

Uncertain what the interviewer wants to hear?

Suffer from interview nerves?

Struggle to decide which work examples to talk about?

Unclear which interview style to adopt?

Want clarity on the key messages to communicate?


"The one-to-one coaching was vital to gaining specific feedback on my performance and I was impressed with Matt’s ability to develop the strongest parts of my delivery. The coaching was key in giving me the confidence and preparation to perform well at interview and, ultimately, receive an offer.”


Commercial Lawyer, London

"The coaching made me realise how in previous interviews my answers had only touched the surface of a question. I was able to prepare much more effectively after the detailed feedback and the mock interview was so similar (both in terms of competency and market / commercial awareness questions) to what the firm gave I was more relaxed as they were asking the questions. I'm confident the session helped me secure my training contract."


Trainee Solicitor, London

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